Giovanni Trapattoni and his landing on Social Media

Would you ever bet that Giovanni Trapattoni would have landed on Social Media at the age of 79?!

And yet, here I am in a world going more and more digital.

October 2018.
It took me some time to get used to retirement. To be more precise, it took 5 years (full of “threats” from my wife) to accept what I did not want to admit:

“It was time (once and for all) to withdraw from the football world”.

I had to face the inevitable course of my life. Something that I desperately tried to postpone as much as I could. And only God knows how difficult it was to accept it.

For a lifetime I had worked tirelessly every day to build my path. And finally, I had to give up to my destiny… A destiny consisting of a pension that frightened me for its monotony. Doomed to feel my body growing old far away from a football field.

And to think that I even tried to reinvent myself as a football commentator! However, my genuine and passionate approach were not successful. For sure it was a short but intense career.

Well, time passed and I almost became used to my new life. But then one of my nephews brought the topic of Social Media to the table.

“Grandpa you have all the skills to become an influencer and go viral”

A joke, an idea mixed with madness, and we all laughed. However, since that day, a spark had crept unconsciously inside me and it arose a curiosity for the digital world (something that had never interested me so much to be honest).

And that’s how the idea slowly took the form and the flavor of a challenge. One of those which are irresistible for Giovanni Trapattoni. At the age of 79, I decided that I was ready to write a whole new chapter of my life.

But you may say “writing about what?”

Giovanni Trapattoni picture

Well, given my age and experiences, I would like to be able to communicate the values ​​that made me become the person I am and, at the same time, to raise awareness on certain topics I care about.

In our society, it is often highlighted a growing gap between young people and other generations. In my opinion, one of the causes of this phenomenon is to be found in a different way of communication. But I’m not here to judge or criticise someone. As a single individual I’ll do everything I can to bridge this gap by learning and using the same means of communication employed by the young (aka our future).